Core Programming
The reality of our work is that we cannot change the circumstances that bring a child to us, but we have the profound responsibility and the unique opportunity to ensure that what comes next for these brave little ones does not perpetuate that trauma. We do that by ensuring that the needs of children exist at the center of everything that we do. Our programming is designed to wrap trauma-informed services around children and their non-offending families to ensure that they have the best possible opportunity to move beyond their story of abuse to a brighter and more hopeful future.
multi-disciplinary response program
The CYAC team works together to provide a holistic response to abuse, neglect and criminal trauma against children under one roof. The team consists of Police Officers, Child Protective Services, Child and Family Advocates, Victim Service Workers, Medical Staff, as well as Mental Health Support Workers. Through communication and collaborative work, the team strives to remove barriers, simplify the reporting process, and ultimately reduce system trauma. Together, they use their expertise to deliver a net of support for children and their non–offending caregivers, ensuring all needs are met and no family falls through the gaps. Core services within this program include forensic child interviews, case reviews, and court preparation.
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child and family advocacy program

The Child and Family Advocate program provides immediate and ongoing wrap-around support to all families accessing the CYAC. Staff members within the program walk alongside families, ensuring they feel supported and validated throughout the interview as well as the investigation, by connecting families with appropriate services. The program strives to increase communication between involved agencies and ensure each child’s needs are prioritized and responded to promptly.
Core services within this program include emotional and practical support, system referrals, as well as case management and coordination.

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resilient families mental health and wellness program

The Resilient Families Program oversees the mental health and wellbeing of all families connected with the CYAC. The program works with Medical Staff and the Child and Family Advocate Program to connect families with appropriate and timely mental and physical health services within the CYAC and/or in the community. This program also works collaboratively with community agencies to bridge the gaps between mental health services and ensure families transition smoothly.
Core services within this program include counselling, education and caregiver support groups, medical examinations, and mental health assessments.

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community education and prevention program
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The Building Brighter Futures Program goes beyond responding to child abuse and works towards prevention. Staff within the program work directly with those who provide services to children or are directly impacted by the work of the CYAC. The program develops resources targeted at the community's needs that support, prevent, and educate. Through the program, the CYAC strives to build an informed and more resilient community that has an increased ability to respond to, and ultimately prevent, child abuse.
Core services within the program include facilitating dialogue in the community, making presentations, as well as providing educational resources and professional training for staff.

emergency services response program
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The Emergency Services Response Program is a customizable and agile program that allows our team to respond to each family’s individual needs. Each child and family that visits the CYAC is unique, and therefore, we cannot pre-determine what will be best for their healing journey. Through this program we can identify their needs and respond to them quickly and seamlessly. We can engage additional services and build customized responses that would traditionally be met with barriers and waitlists. The Emergency Services Response Program is as unique as the families who visit us.