Canadian National Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-833-900-1010
Our Partnership
The Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna is proud to partner with the City of Kelowna, RCMP Kelowna Detachment, Kelowna International Airport, and anti-human trafficking organization #NotInMyCity to educate and inform our community about the issue of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.
Human trafficking lives here, but it is easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for.
By bringing the expertise of #NotInMyCity to our region, we are beginning to build a community of allies who feel empowered to spot the signs of exploitation and take action to support victims.
Together, let’s stand up and say in unison, “Not here. Not in our city.”

Child sex trafficking cases are among the most challenging files we see at the Child Advocacy Centre since these young victims often don’t know or believe that they are being exploited. The most powerful way to make a difference in this space is to build a strong, informed, and vigilant community. All of us have a responsibility to accept that these crimes live here and to educate ourselves to be part of the solution.

We are grateful to our friends at #NotInMyCity for the extraordinary work they are doing to support learning and system change, and to our partners in this campaign for standing up together to make a difference. There is so much work to do to bring an end to human trafficking, but nothing happens if nothing changes, this is our community taking an important step forward.”

Ginny Becker, Executive Director, Child Advocacy Centre of Kelowna
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multi-disciplinary response program
All of us have the responsibility to accept that these crimes live here and educate ourselves to be part of the solution. Take 15 minutes and become an ally today.
multi-disciplinary response program
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Kelowna has been identified as a destination that falls within a known human trafficking circuit in Western Canada, where victims as young as 13 years of age are being sexually exploited.

We continue to work closely with our community partners to identify the signs of human trafficking providing shared training and establishing best practices. We have trained our frontline police officers to look for the signs of Human Trafficking and Exploitation, and to ask the questions when things don’t appear as they should.

We are grateful to be partnered on this important awareness campaign to shine a light on these activities and strengthen our community through partnership.”

Inspector Beth McAndie, Investigative Services Officer, Kelowna Regional Detachment, Accredited Team Commander
Contact the Authorities
If the victim is under 18, it is mandatory under provincial and federal law to report any case of suspected or known sexual exploitation.
Call 9-1-1 if someone is in immediate danger
If you are outside Kelowna and want more information or know some one who may need help, contact the Canadian National Human Trafficking Hotline.
Contact the Kelowna police services non-emergency phone number if you or someone you know requires support.
Please visit to learn more about human trafficking.
Special thanks to the Barry Lapointe Foundation for their support in making this course available to the community.